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Live Long and Prosper – Updated

Space: the general frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its proceeding venture: to discover ordinary new worlds, to hunt out new lifestyles and new civilizations, to boldly move the place nobody has long gone sooner than.

Who doesn’t be mindful those phrases from the Star Trek TV and film franchise, a favourite display to numerous thousands and thousands of audience and lovers around the globe? I surely be mindful them, and I thankfully watched each unmarried episode.  Naturally, one thing I realized as a well being “fanatic” used to be the Vulcan way of life.  In the display, Vulcans are categorised as a extremely smart, additional-terrestrial humanoid species, with a extra tough look than an odd human.  To me, it used to be attention-grabbing that during penning this mythos, Gene Roddenberry selected to exhibit the direct correlation between power and mind within the Vulcan race; a perfect coincidentally, held in top regard through the traditional Greeks. Being occupied with the fictitious Vulcan way of life, and their wholesome lifestyles philosophies, I started researching to be had knowledge, within the hope of extracting singular enlightenment for the human race.

Vulcan Diet

Vulcans favor a vegetarian vitamin and would consume meat on an overly uncommon instance, if not anything else is to be had or for particular wishes.  They select water over different choices and will drink alcohol just for celebratory functions, as a result of they don’t need alcohol to have an effect on their logical schools.  To Vulcans, eating chocolate makes them under the influence of alcohol, so that they decrease their consumption of it.

Vulcan Meditation

Vulcans reside lives of strict self-keep watch over thru intensive meditation practices.  While Vulcans are exceptionally emotional, they advanced a meditation methodology that calms them down and permits them to resolve issues in a logical way; this is among the absolute best tactics to search out logical answers as a substitute of emotional battle.  Vulcans meditate every day to stay their middle and calm. Put merely, their motto is “live long and prosper”…

Vulcan Training

Although normally philosophical and non-violent in nature, the Vulcans nevertheless advanced martial arts tactics for his or her hand-to-hand fight.  Martial Arts are a extremely ritualistic apply very similar to the philosophy of Kung-Fu or Karate.  The majority of Vulcans are professional in self-protection, and specifically identified for his or her neck pinch that renders sufferers immediately subconscious.  Overall, Vulcans are bodily more potent and extra professional in fight than their human opposite numbers.

In the Star Trek narrative, Vulcans have turn out to be extra complicated and advanced than people, a vital transition applied to triumph over their previous behaviors, which may had been worse than that of people. Consequently, they advanced as a result of they selected mind, wholesome way of life, and psychological stability (and even honing their fight and army talents).  Through this evolution, they’ve completed a extra fulfilled and longer lifespan; ranging between 100-200 years.

I wrote this text in an try to inspire thousands and thousands of Star Trek lovers round our personal planet to reside extra like Vulcans. To harness the knowledge of our favourite characters like Spock and T’Pol!  Even if the Vulcans are fictional folks, they nonetheless constitute a perfect society, one replete with enlightenment, honor and super talents, all of which we want.  By following a identical philosophy, and discovering an equilibrium between bodily health, wholesome diet, and psychological stability, we will be able to all receive advantages and toughen our personal society.

A unique because of visionary Gene Roddenberry, the writer of Star Trek Franchise, for creating this sort of wealthy storyline and an avant-garde society.


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