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Top Water Retention Fighting Foods – Updated

It’s summertime, this means that it’s tank best, brief shorts and go well with season!  If there’s something we’re all looking to keep away from throughout this time, it’s water retention- which is why Samir Becic and his Health Fitness Revolution staff has put in combination a listing of Top Foods that Fight Water Retention:

  •  Water:  It might appear counterintiutive, however in the case of water, drink, drink, and drink some extra. Drink a pitcher once you get up and stay sipping all day, aiming for three liters (100 oz.) an afternoon. Slip in a couple of slices of lemon, lime, or orange as citrus is top in potassium and will relieve bloating.
  • Melons: Melons, citrus, and different potassium-wealthy culmination will lend a hand cut back water retention as a result of they’re top within the mineral potassium that balances sodium ranges.
  • Nuts and full grains: Tasty assets of nutrition B6, a nutrient related to PMS aid, entire grain merchandise and nuts are a excellent nosh while you’re feeling bloated. Make positive they’ve no added salt.
  • Watercress Watercress, an incessantly overpassed leafy inexperienced, is a herbal diuretic that also is top in potassium. The flavonoids in greens (and fruit) can alleviate water retention (Other bloat-combating meals come with different leafy vegetables, celery, tomatoes, carrots, onions, and peppers).
  • Herbs: Several herbs are herbal diuretics and believed to lend a hand cut back water retention. Celery seed (don’t take if you’re pregnant), night primrose oil, and dandelion root are only some bloat-combating choices.
  • Salmon: Loaded with omega-3s, salmon is a perfect meals that isn’t best meals for the guts, mind, and joints, it could possibly additionally fend off PMS. Other wealthy assets of omega-3s come with tuna, mackerel, herring, and flax. Eat no less than two times per week.
  • Greek Yogurt: Eating too many wealthy treats will purpose tummy bloat. If you’ve overindulged and are feeling the consequences, deal with your abdomen to a cup of simple, low-fats greek yogurt that accommodates energetic cultures. The energetic cultures help in digestion and building up the nice micro organism within the intestine, the protein in greek yogurt will stay you feeling complete.



  •  desk salt (for critical fluid retention use best potassium chloride)
  • an excessive amount of protein OR no longer sufficient protein
  • being nonetheless for lengthy sessions of time


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